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5 Juices That Will Boost Your Immune System

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused everyone to pay more attention to their health. With confirmed cases of the virus on the rise every day, the key focus is building our immune systems. While there are currently no foods or dietary supplements that can prevent or cure the coronavirus, there are ways to keep your immune

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Juice Recipes From My #10DayJuiceChallenge

Following my commitment to the 10 Day Juice Challenge, I decided to share all of the juice recipes that I have tried throughout the 10 days. All you will need to make your juices is a juicer and the fruits and vegetables listed below. Avoid adding water or ice to any of these recipes as

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The Juice Challenge: How I Managed To Appreciate 10 Days Without Solid Food

On October 1st I decided to commit to a 10 Day Juice Challenge. The idea was presented to me by my mother as she was introduced to the challenge by a friend/sister named, Claudia G. Barnett, Ph. D. Dr. Barnett wrote a book entitled, My Decision To Go Vegan: A Mentored Journey, where she discussed

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