5 Juices That Will Boost Your Immune System

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The COVID-19 pandemic has caused everyone to pay more attention to their health. With confirmed cases of the virus on the rise every day, the key focus is building our immune systems. While there are currently no foods or dietary supplements that can prevent or cure the coronavirus, there are ways to keep your immune system functioning optimally. One of the best ways to strengthen your immune system is by maintaining a nutritious diet and exercising regularly.

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Throughout quarantine I have been boosting my immune system and staying healthy by exercising and drinking a fruit or vegetable juice daily.  If you are subscribed to my site or follow me on Instagram then you know that I have come to love juicing. I have been juicing since 2018. thanks to Claudia G. Barnett, Ph.D. After reading Dr. Barnett’s book, My Decision To Go Vegan: A Mentored Journey, I was inspired to begin juicing and embark on her 10 Day Juice Challenge. For ten days, I drank different fruit and vegetable juices three times a day. Fast forward to two years later and I have become obsessed with juicing and have continued to consume them on a daily basis.

As we all get adjusted to the “new normal” and parts of the United States start to lift strict measures, I wanted to not only share some of my favorite juice recipes that are nutritious and immune-boosting but encourage you all to nourish and properly care for your body now and always. While I do suggest these juices to help boost your immune system, I also have several other recipes on my website that you can refer to and try as well. (Feel free to click on recipes above to get different fruit and vegetable juice options).

Some of these recipes are from Dr. Barnett’s book and others are my own personal favorites. These juices are not only great for your immune system but they are great for weight loss, clears the skin, aids the liver, lowers blood pressure and reduces joint pain.

Immune Boosting Juice Recipes:

  • Celery, Green Apples, Ginger or Celery, Green Apple, Ginger, Lemon (Always drink celery juice on an empty stomach)
  • Orange, Grapefruit, Lemons, Pineapple, Ginger, Turmeric
  • Red Apples, Lemon, Ginger
  • Beets, Carrots, Apples, Celery, Ginger, Limes
  • Kale, Pear, Cucumber
  • Ginger, Lemon, Turmeric – (I know I said five lol. But I wanted to add one more) Drinking ginger, turmeric and lemon on a daily basis will definitely help to boost your immune system. You can also boil these vegetables in water and drink it as a tea.

I hope you are all staying safe and healthy and continue to follow the guidelines that have been set for your state. If you have any questions about juicing or the recipes that I have suggested, please feel free to leave a comment or email me at ashleymrushford@gmail.com and if you try any of the recipes please tag me on Instagram @SostylAsh. ENJOY!

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