Sergio “Celestino” Guadarrama Promotes Inclusivity During New York Fashion Week

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Every year New York Fashion Week gives fashion designers the opportunity to present their latest collections for the Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer seasons. Normally, designers showcase their garments with their very own fashion show. However Texas native and fabricator, Sergio “Celestino” Guadarrama decided to take a different approach and chose to display his Fall/Winter 2019 Women’s Collection like an exhibit as they appeared on mannequins. The event was held at the Melville Gallery in the South Seaport District in New York City on Thursday, February 7th.

Those that had the opportunity to view Celestino’s latest collection really appreciated his idea as it gave them the opportunity to connect with him and enjoy his work. Guests were able to take photos of each garment as they were complete with accessories to match as well as Celestino’s actual sketch of the design.

IMG_1338While Celestino put a lot of time and effort into his designs, he didn’t do it alone. Throughout the night of his presentation, the Fashion Institute of Technology alum gave his partner, Kade Johnson an immense amount of credit for contributing to his creations over the years. When asked what was the inspiration behind the Fall/Winter 2019 Collection, the duo stated that their goal was to empower and acknowledge women of all races, sizes, and ages. Celestino also stated that he has always taken pride in designing pieces that every woman or man could wear.


Along with being a designer, Celestino also makes it a priority to mentor the Fashion Institute of Technology and the University of Texas students in hopes of passing his techniques on to future generations. He is already off to a great start as his work has been featured in magazines such as Vogue, Forbes and New York Magazine.


For more information about Sergio Celestino Guadarrama, please visit his website, and visit his Instagram @celestinocouture.

Below are some of the designs that were featured in Celestino’s Fall/Winter 2019 Collection.

Photo credit: All of the photos were taken by me.

Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at 11.13.02 PM

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