You Can Sit With Us: The Girls Room Celebrates Equality And Women Empowerment During Exclusive Event

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On Sunday, October 13th Make Believe located in Soho, New York was filled with several beautiful women who came together to empower one another and celebrate diversity and inclusion. The Girls Room team invited all girl bosses to sit with them, sip Rose, indulge in some sweet treats and most importantly build everlasting relationships with other like-minded women.

You Can Sit With Us was moderated by The Girls Room founder, Jacquelyn Cornier and hosted by model and writer, Shannon Hui. The attendees spent the afternoon vibing out to some music by DJ SailrGoon, making connections and getting some serious gems from the fireside chats such as Passion Discovery, Daily Reminder, and Secure The Bag. The interactive sessions allowed the women to collaborate, plan out their goals and reflect on their own aspirations on an all pink rooftop that overlooked the city.

You Can Sit With Us was an ode to the movie Mean Girls. If you have seen the movie then you know that Regina George, Gretchen Wieners, Karen Smith and Cady Heron played by Lindsay Lohan are four girls who wear pink on Wednesdays and if you don’t, you can’t sit with them. TGR changed the idea and encouraged women of all races, sizes and, shapes to sit with them. They also put their own spin on the film’s iconic, Burn Book. Yes, the TGR team really had their very own burn book. Instead of writing rumors or theories like the girls do in the movie, TGR allowed their guests to take Polaroid pictures and share their favorite quote or mantra along with it.


As if the burn book wasn’t enough, TGR also raffled a limited edition hat that reads, “Don’t Tell Me To Smile,” which will be available to order soon and a 1/2 customized purse from Vain Glory. The ladies also left with some goodies from the event’s sponsors;, Mixbook Photo Co., Blooming Soul, Maison Marcel, Riazul, NBW and Talking Out of Turn.


When asked about the idea behind You Can Sit With Us, Jacquelyn explained that it would allow everyone that attended to create their own platform. “Our mission is to really help women build with one another,” the Brooklyn native said.

Jacquelyn launched TGR in 2017 because she noticed the lack of inclusiveness in women based communities. “I wanted to be the friend I didn’t have. I really wanted to bring women together, but make it an in-person community,” Jacquelyn said.

Of course, the event wouldn’t be complete without some remarkable fashion moments. Whether it was in pink to match the decor and theme, neutral and subtle or cozy in their most stylish kicks, the girls did not disappoint! Check out some of my favorite looks from TGR’s, You Can Sit With Us.







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For more information about The Girls Room visit their website and Instagram, @thegirlsroomnyc.

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