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Fashion, Furs And Focus With Entrepreneur, Irina M. Goldstein

It’s New York Fashion Week and while the designers and models are preparing for showtime, Irina M. Goldstein is gracing the red carpets with her own designs. Her statement modular fur vest surely made photographers stop and take a snapshot, but she still remained humble. Most people are unaware that models and designers aren’t the

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The 90’s Makes A Comeback At The Bonnie Bouche By Angela Simmons Fashion Show

On Wednesday, September 12th, Angela Simmons closed out New York Fashion Week by debuting her colorful, 90’s-inspired activewear brand, Bonnie Bouche. The event was held in Manhattan at the Metropolitan West and was sponsored by several brands such as, Skechers and Essential Water complete with a bar, sweet treats and different Instagrammable booths for the

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Fresh Off The Runway: What You Should Be Wearing This Fall

As August comes to a close that only means one thing, the fall season will be making its way back in. It’s always so hard to say goodbye to summer, but hopefully this year’s fall fashion trends and pumpkin spice latte’s will help to make the transition a lot easier. For some, the new season

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