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From Weaves To Wearing My Natural Hair: How I Have Managed To Embrace My Natural Hair

In October 2017 I officially decided to wear my natural hair. I have honestly been natural for years, but never took the time to actually wear my hair in its natural state and apply the necessary products that would help to make it curly. But as 2017 came to a close I was tired of

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#Curlfest2018: “Curlfriend Connections”

When making new connections it’s normal to think that the other party might not be as welcoming or interested in getting to know you, but when I attended Curlfest on July 21st I immediately noticed that those vibes were not in the atmosphere. I am so grateful to have met so many beautiful women of

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My First #CurlFest: Everything You Need To Know

On Saturday, July 21st I had the pleasure of attending the 2018 Curl Festival formerly known as #CurlFest in Brooklyn, New York at Prospect Park with my best friend Rosa. Rosa and I drove from New Jersey to New York, which by the way was only a half hour drive and then parked our car

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