Get Ready With Me|Everyday Makeup… Let’s Talk About 2018

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Hey Everyone!

I am so excited to announce that my first Youtube video is now live! I have been wanting to start this new chapter of my life for a while now, so I am so happy to finally share this with you all. In my video, I walk through the steps of my everyday makeup routine and discuss how I felt about 2018 and what I would like to accomplish and affirm in 2019.

HUGE shoutout to @lifasro_ for shooting and editing this video for me! Follow her on Instagram for photography, health and wellness and check out her website,

This is just beginning of my Youtube journey! I will be posting more videos that will include tutorials, vlogs and girl talk. If you like my video please subscribe to my channel and give it a thumbs up on Youtube! Click the link below to watch.

Thank you so much in advance for all of the love and support! I hope you all enjoy!❤️

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