Make The Most Of Art Basel In Your Own Way: My Guide To A Local Fun-Filled Weekend

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For years I have seen photos and videos of Miami’s Art Basel, which is why in December 2017 I was so excited to finally attend the festival with my cousin, Ariel and best friend, Rosa. Art Basel is an annual festival that is filled with modern and contemporary art, as well as photography, sculptures, and drawings. It is the one time of year that Instagram is constantly filled with tons of colorful photos of millennials and bloggers as they pose in front of the infamous Wynwood Walls, which are located in Wynwood, Miami.

In honor of Art Basel 2018, which begins today, Thursday, December 6th until Sunday, December 9th, I decided to share my experience with all of the Basel-ers that will be partaking in this weekend’s festivities. My 2017 Art Basel experience was a bit different because I decided to attend more local events instead of going to the Miami Convention Beach Center, which is where several artists showcase their work. Despite my decision, I was still able to get the full Art Basel experience and I even managed to squeeze in a beach day! (If you live in the tri-state area, you know how much a beach day is appreciated in December.)



On our second day, we headed to Wynwood, where several up and coming artists such as @knowloveart presented her work. (Which could be seen in my video below) I instantly became a huge fan of knowloveart, simply because of the detail and presentation of her pieces. I love how she continuously chooses to paint celebrities that have had such a cultural impact on millennials and society. If you are in Miami for Art Basel, I definitely recommend that you follow @knowloveart on Instagram to see where she will be this weekend.


Since it was the first time that Rosa, Ariel and I attended Art Basel, we were always open to exploring. Luckily, our curiosity led us to a random pop-up art gallery in Wynwood. See the video below to see some of the artwork and photography that was showcased in the gallery. Below you can also find some photos that I took while we were out in Wynwood.



It is definitely safe to say that Art Basel exceeded my expectations. I am beyond grateful to have been able to witness the work of some incredibly talented artists and entrepreneurs.  I really wish I could have attended Art Basel 2018, but goals have to be achieved and deadlines must be met! However, that doesn’t mean that I won’t be suffering from major FOMO, but that’s where Instagram and Youtube come in handy.

Although I am disappointed that I will not be at Art Basel this year, I still wanted to help others that are attending. I created a special playlist on Apple Music entitled, “Bumpin’ At Art Basel” for all of the Basel-ers to turn up to! Please tag me on Instagram or Twitter: @sostylash if you check it out! I hope you all enjoy!

Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at 11.13.02 PM








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