Fresh Off The Runway: What You Should Be Wearing This Fall

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As August comes to a close that only means one thing, the fall season will be making its way back in. It’s always so hard to say goodbye to summer, but hopefully this year’s fall fashion trends and pumpkin spice latte’s will help to make the transition a lot easier.

For some, the new season provides them with the opportunity to switch up their style and try something new and from the looks of the trend report that is exactly what fall 2018 will cause everyone to do. If you are normally the type to shy away from bright colors, eccentric details and patterns, this year would be the perfect time to step out of your comfort zone. The new season will make summer feel like it has never left and will even revive some familiar trends.

Here is the fall 2018 trend report:


Layers on Layers

If you have ever had the desire to wear some of your favorite pieces all at once, you’re in luck! This fall, layering takes things up a notch as several designers encourage everyone to layer up as much as possible. Layering in the colder months is probably already second nature to most, which is why this trend will more than likely stick around forever.


Animal Print

The fall season leaves you no choice, but to take a walk on the wild side. Some may remember when cheetah print was so popular that it became a staple to outfits. Well, the trend has managed to revive itself and will probably takeover the season. This time, prints will be featured on coats along with pants and shoes. If you ever wanted to switch things up and add more prints to your look, now would be the time.



Blankets or shawls is another trend that will reintroduce itself, but this time it will be bigger and more dramatic than ever. This trend will definitely make getting out of bed so much easier since you can basically take this snuggly piece everywhere with you. Try draping a blanket over your shoulders for a final touch and watch it tie your look together.


Plenty Of Plaid 

Plaid has been around for years, but this time it is revamping its look by including some new shades and symmetry. Normally, one plaid piece does the trick, but this year designers are encouraging everyone to pack on the plaid and style the pattern from head to toe. Whether it be a top, jacket, bag or dress, simply draping a asymmetrical plaid pattern across your coat is a simple way to include the pattern.


Highlighter Neons

Neon colors in the fall is definitely something we have never seen before. However many should be happy to see the bright colors as it will help to leave some of summer behind. Throughout the summer season, neon shades have managed to become a huge trend whether it was a part of a wardrobe or a nail color. From watermelon to lemon and even lime, the new season brings new hues, which can add the perfect pop of color to any outfit.

I can’t wait to include these trends in my looks as well as see how they will be styled by others. Cheers!

Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at 11.13.02 PM


Photo credit: fashionista | glowsly | jornalminuano











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