#Curlfest2018: “Curlfriend Connections”

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When making new connections it’s normal to think that the other party might not be as welcoming or interested in getting to know you, but when I attended Curlfest on July 21st I immediately noticed that those vibes were not in the atmosphere. I am so grateful to have met so many beautiful women of all nationalities with different curl textures and hairstyles. It was definitely the highlight of my day to watch everyone embrace one another, which helped to create a comfortable space to make connections.

Curlfest truly felt like an immense family event, because although we all came from different places we were all connected because of our hair and the color of our skin.ย The constant embrace from everyone proved to me that positivity still exists in the world despite all of the continuous negative comments on social media and the tragic events that occur. I will forever be grateful to have met all of these women below because they each made me feel loved and appreciated for who I truly am. I think we should all manifest positive energy and continue to uplift one another (especially women) every day. There is constantly so much focus on hate that it is easy to forget what love feels like, which is why I challenge everyone that reads this post to focus solely on creating spaces for everyone to feel accepted and empowered.

Thank you Curlfest for creating that space! It will forever be appreciated. To see more photos from #Curlfest2018 follow me on Instagram: @sostylash.

Photo Credit: Instagram: @lifeasro_












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